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Our platform is helping investors in tracking and researching gems.

Enables highly efficient notifications based on Telegram. Use it anywhere you are, within seconds.
Huge cost savings for researching and tracking newly added projects to most popular DEXes. No other tools needed.
Improve DYOR while trying to catch the most promising cryptocurrency based projects.

GemTracker provides instant notification about any changes from decentralized world straight to you (newly added tokens, whales movements, token transfers and more...)

Our users love it. Check out the Github repository, or search on Twitter/Google to find out what people have to say about GemTracker.

How to use

GemTracker sends notification to Telegram channel about newly added or removed tokens from DEX.

GemTracker is ready to help you with DYOR but will not do it for you.

Feel free to use provided features, described below:

  1. Network effect (check how this project is getting shilled on social media):
    • Twitter - check tweets with symbol or token name,
    • Reddit - find out what community says on Reddit based on token symbol and name,
    • 4chan - dig into anonymous part of the Internet and try to find out what are they saying
  2. Statistics (few metrics from blockchain):
    • EthPlorer - check holders, contract creator, transactions and more
    • blockchair - check when created, in which block and more
  3. Charts (something for TA specialists):
    • ChartEx - check how the price is going during the time
  4. Check this token on Uniswap:
    • Info - the best place to check basic metrics like Liquidity, Volume, Transactions
    • Buy - if you want to buy it, click
    • Sell - if you want to sell it, click
  5. Check this token on EtherScan:
    • EthScan - quick info about token from Ethereum blockchain
    • Contract - check the smart contract of this token (verified?)
    • Hodlers - check how many address are hodling this token


Between 18 - 20 November 2020, we have run a private sale for early adopters of our free version.
We have collected 6.95 ETH from 37 users. If you would like to join our elite group please follow the Announcements Channel on Telegram or our Twitter account to be informed when the next sales begins.

Feature Free Edition Premium Edition
Uniswap notifications*
Twitter integration
Reddit integration
4Chan integration
Links to Etherscan
Links to Ethploler
Links to blockchair
ChartEx integration
Initial price info -
Transactions number (inital, after listing on Uniswap) -
Token transfers (inital, after listing on Uniswap) -
Contract owner address -
Total supply -
Liquidity details -
Contract verification -
DEXTools integration -
AstroTools integration -
UniCrypt integration -
Main holders and their share of total supply -
Ability to propose new features -
Project tokens and access to dedicated Web service - Q1 2021
Updates / Bug Fixes occasionally frequently**
You're supporting the Project -
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* notifications about added and deleted tokens.

** roadmap available on Github.


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