What is it?

GemTracker provides instant notification about any changes from decentralized world straight to you (newly added tokens, whales movements, token transfers and more...).

Feel free to use provided features, described below:

  1. Network effect (check how this project is getting shilled on social media)
  2. Statistics (few metrics from blockchain)
  3. Charts (something for TA specialists)
  4. Check this token on DEX
  5. Check this token on EtherScan

Enables highly efficient notifications based on Telegram. Use it anywhere you are, within seconds.

Huge cost savings for researching and tracking newly added projects to most popular DEXes. No other tools needed.

Improve DYOR while trying to catch the most promising cryptocurrency based projects.

Our users love it. Check out the Github repository, or search on Twitter/Google to find out what people have to say about GemTracker.


GemTracker sends notification to Telegram channel about newly added or removed tokens from DEX our is ready to help you with DYOR but will not do it for you.

Liquidity indicator

Liquidity indicator:

  • is greater than $50.000 USD, price is green
  • is lower, price is red

Contract verification:

  • provided source code is the same as one deployed on Ethereum
  • contract code is readable
  • it is easier to catch scam
Contract verification
Proxy checker

Proxy checker:

  • contract address can't be changed
  • contract functionality will stay the same
  • it is harder to rug pull


  • means that team is not skilled enough
  • team were not able to prepare it with their own


In GemTracker we are listing our customers and using continous improvement approach for product development.

We are going to implement below checks:


When our free version is no longer enough for you, we advice you to give a try our Premium version.

Private sale closed
You will have access to:
  • Premium Telegram Channel (notifications about new tokens from Uniswap and Sushiswap)
  • Premium Telegram Chat (discuss with other gem trackers)
  • Premium Telegram Channel (not yet confirmed transactions straight from mempool)
  • Web interface (automated project research and smart contract audit tool)

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